Ophthalmic Services

  • Medical and surgical treatment for various eye conditions.
  • Vitreoretinal and Oculoplasty conditions treated include:-
      • Retinal detachment surgery
      • Diabetic eye diseases
      • Retinal laser procedures
      • Phacoemulsification cataract surgery
      • Eye socket and Eyelid reconstructions
      • Eye lid and tumor excision
      • Orbital fracture repair
      • Lacrimal drainage surgery for watering eyes, thyroid eye disease
      • Aesthetic facial surgery

Optical Services

  • Computerized eye testing
  • Spectacle assessment and fitting

Preventive and Promotive Healthcare

 We have Well Eye clinic for those aged 40 years of age and above to enable early detection of eye diseases.

The examination includes:

  • Testing for reading and far vision
  • Glaucoma screening
  • Cataract Assessment
  • Assessment for other aged related diseases e.g age related mascular degeneration and dry eye syndrome

Other Services available are

  • Health talks
  • Individual patient counselling
  • Work Safety Profile
  • Vision Screening in School Children
  • Colour Vision assessment
  • Stereopsis Visual assessment